Dear Herman,
   We had hoped to send you an up-date on Daniella (Danie) soonr.
.  Of course she has grown bit more than I wanted but ,we sure love
her.  She is a hand full, very smart.She anaylisess every thing around
here. First day we brought her home she learned to play fetch. Second
day started to go up the stairs, it was so funny to see her go up.
Fourth day she learned to climb to get up on our bed.  She learns  those
thing that are important to her.
  She does very well on the peepad. However going poop that is another
story.  We have to tie here down. so that she will get use to going only
on the peepad.  She is a very interesting dog.  We have traveled a
great deal with her, from Illionis to New York down to Kirtland, Ohio,
Indiana and all the way to Utha, Oregon and at last to  So Calif.
The funny thing is that when we are moving or going from state to state
and she needs to relive herself, she let us know and we will put a
peepad  down on the counsel between the drivers seat and passanger. a we
are going 70 miles on the highway. And you know what, Danie relives her
self without making a mess in the truck.on the peepad and is  happy as a
lark, .

She has learn  to like riding in the truck  and not getting car sick. 
How did Danie get over car sickness,  this happned by accident.  We
start by taking her on short trips and  she would get  very car. sick..
... On one trip once a week we would buy Taco Bell cheesy,  potatoe
burrito of course we would  give her tibbitss of what ever we ate, that
aspect of  going on a truck has cured her of  car sickness.  You have
bred a very interesting  dog.  That tiny little thing  two weeks after
we got her  we bought a doggie play pen and it is 3 ft high and  Danie
climbs right out of it and back into the play pen , unfortuantely we we
have to tie her down when we have to leave her behine
Last but not least she is an escape artist.  She squeeses herself
between, under and over object.  One day I could not find her in the 5th
wheel  which isn't  that big.

Finally, we are here in So. Calif. and some what settled.  We hope  to
become camp hosts  at Skinner Lake, So. Calif. Danie has alot of energy
and needs to play.  She want us to play fetch all day long.  She loves
to run also. WE discovered that that she is a great runner.  We can't
run, therefor we found by riding a bike and having Danie run along side
of us she gets her exercise very nicely, most of the time it is twice a
day.  We hope you enjoy hearing  about Daniella (Danie)    PS Danie
loves people she will make a great camp host. p.s. has had all her shots
and has been spayed.  From
Charles & Olg dickon
We adopted our puppy on March 9, 2011. She was Daisy when we selected
her. She is now Bella. She joyfully joined our other two dogs as the
"youngest kid" in our family. Bella was examined by our veterinarian the
day after we picked her up. The vet determined her to be an excellent
specimen in exceptional health. We are delighted to have Bella in our
Lloyd & Pam Hulit - Normal, Illinois
Our family would like to thank Mr. Yoder, for your excellent service.
The whole process from start to finish was a smooth and easy
transaction, to purchase a puppy from Cuba,Illinois all the way to Ft
Lauderdale, Florida! Our puppy was flown to us just as planned, and I
appreciate your flexibility by accommodating the change of plans on such
short notice. Sofia was even more adorable in person and we all fell in
love with her as soon as we seen her, she is so sweet! She is a happy,
healthy, playful little puppy that loves to cuddle in bed with us! She
is the perfect addition to our family and has adjusted well in her new
home and name Coco Chanel Sofia Kendrick
-S Kendrick
My girlfriend and I bought a Maltese puppy (from the Yoders) in June
2009. We renamed him Markie and have enjoyed every moment so far with
our new puppy. Markie LOVES to play and enjoys our company very much. He
is very adorable and is growing into a very wonderful Maltese. Markie
loves air conditioning/cold air as shown in the picture but also has a
lot of fun running around in the sun. We thank you for giving us the
opportunity to get the dog that we always wanted!"
Brian - IL
Our Malti-Poo we got is very well socialized and loves to play and be cuddled. So far he has also been very healthy.
Trace - Brimfield, IL
We are 100% satisfied with our puppy. She is very energetic and
playful, she gets along great with our other dog and any company we have
too. :) She is as sweet and cuddly as could be and the perfect addition
to our family. We are very glad that we chose to purchase a puppy from
you and if we ever want to get another one you will be our first option.
Thank you so much,
-Shelby and Tia, IL
We renamed our puppy Teddy, he is such a well socialized and happy
puppy. We recommend this website to anybody. We just adore our puppy.
Thank you very much!
Pat - Pekin, IL
We bought out Morkie (from the Yoders). He is such a nice, very well
socialized and loving puppy. We are very well please with the service we
Marilyn - Peoria, IL
We like our new puppy. He is very healthy, cute and loving. Thank you for such a wonderful puppy.
Angela - Springfield, IL
We just recently bought our second puppy from (the Yoders). We think
they are both very well socialized and healthy. We recommend (the Yoder
Marilyn - Peoria, IL
We bought a Yorkie-Poo (from the Yoders). We really love him, he is
so healthy, cute and cuddly. Thank you for selling us such a wonderful
Suzie - Dunlap, IL